We provide Audiovisual solutions including Public address system, Home audio, A/V Rental services , Video wall systems . From design, implementation, supply and after sales service . We pride ourselves in having a foot print in major projects in Eastern Africa.

Health & Fitness

With a world class brand portfolio , we provide solutions in Health and Fitness. Technogym Gym equipment from Italy, BWS sports flooring from Germany, Ultra spa leading brand in spa supplies .We have clients across East and  Central Africa that use our brands.

Home Automation

We provide Automation Systems for home, offices, schools, hotels and more. It eliminates the need of going from room to room adjusting lights, drapes, temperature, and audio components. Instead, simply press a single button using a device to activate all desired functions.


To make bowling amazing, we are creating an ever-growing ecosystem of products that work together and build on one another to deliver an AMAZING, never before seen, experience to bowling consumers. We will continuously innovate to ensure your long-term success.

Ultra Equipment Ltd. is a private limited company based in Nairobi, Kenya founded by Irfan Merali and is a distributor of various products for leading companies in the world. Focusing on solutions integration, we develop solutions for both spheres of life; Gym Equipments, Audiovisual, Home Automation and Cinema.