Sports Flooring, Athletic Surfaces, Impact Protection Outdoor Facilities

Synthetic Flooring Running Tracks and Multi-Use Games Areas, Seamless Safety Surfacing and Safety Tiles for Playgrounds, Equestrian Flooring.

Sports Flooring, Athletic Surfaces, Impact Protection Indoor Facilities

Fitness and Gym Flooring, Alpine and Arena Flooring, Flooring for Sports and Multipurpose Halls, Climbing Halls and Shooting Ranges, Flooring for Exhibitions and Events, Sports and Martial Arts Mats

Impact Sound Insulation, Vibration Isolation

Impact Sound Insulation under Screeds, Vibration Isolation of Machine Foundations and Buildings, Light-Mass-Spring-Systems

Protective Layers, Balcony Surfacing

Protective Layers for Flat Roofs and Solar Installations, Vegetation Control, Terrace and Balcony Surfacing

Anti-Slip Mats for Securing Loads

A friction enhancing REGUPOL anti-slip mat saves lives. Each of our anti-slip mats has a specific focus: they have been developed for a range of maximum loads, sensitive cargos, heavy-duty cargos and extreme weather conditions. Click here for more detailed information.