Life Size: Video Conferencing in High Definition

High Definition has changed the face of video conferencing, enabling an experience as authentic as if you’re physically sitting in the same room. Realize the promise of video communications in HD.

Higher productivity, better engagement across teams.
Increased interaction.
Reduced travel – saving time, saving money.
Less time out of office, more time making decisions.

The Lifesize Video Conferencing App

Video, audio and web conferencing, and the ability to record and share online meetings all in one application.

Lifesize conferencing is streamlined and built to enhance all the different ways your team communicates — from one-on-one audio and video calls to full-scale company meetings among multiple locations. Replace outdated, costly, and audio-only services with more meaningful face-to-face conversations. Features like easy-to-use interface, screen sharing, and calendar integration make Lifesize’s an award-winning HD video conferencing solution. And, unlike consumer-grade apps, Lifesize was built for business. We have over a decade of experience designing HD conference room cameras and touchscreen conference phones. We stand behind our service with a financially backed SLA with 24x7x365 customer support.

Lifesize Dash

Start simply, scale effortlessly.

Lifesize Dash™ helps you transform your small, underutilized phone rooms into video-connected, collaboration hotspots so you can deploy modern, cost-effective workspaces in your smallest meeting rooms.

Industry Use Cases

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Experience the best in video, audio, and screen sharing quality.

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