Home Theatre Equipment

Our engineers and designers consider every detail to give you the ultimate home theatre. And they work with the best equipment suppliers on the market.
We give you the lowdown on the home cinema equipment you’ll need, and the brands we trust to give you the best possible experience.

  • Speakers
  • Processors
  • Screens
  • Control system

Cinema Seating

Home theatre furniture has become very popular in recent years because many people enjoy inviting friends and family over to watch movies. Home theatre chairs consist of a group of movie recliners placed together with armrests in between. The armrests on theatre-style seating often feature holders for cups and snacks. Most entertainment chairs are made out of leather or faux leather and are comfortably padded to make movie-viewing an enjoyable experience.

We offer a wide variety of high quality customisable seating to suit your room and layout. Regardless of your home cinema seating requirements or room dimensions, we can provide options that will deliver the comfort, style and robustness you require

Acoustic Treatment

We use acoustic panels that are custom made to  not only to absorb sounds, by enhancing the quality of sound and speech in a room. They are able to help tame both mid and high frequencies at the same time to minimize sound echoes and reflections which would colour or muddy the sound.
By reducing the amplitude of the waves, our acoustic panels helps to dissipate the sound energy. This in turn helps the clarity of sound. Bass Traps help to trap the Bass energy to stop booming in the room.
Typically we would use acoustic panels in home cinemas or dedicated stereo listening areas.

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