Ultra Equipment Ltd. is a private limited company based in Nairobi, Kenya and is a distributor of various products for leading companies in the world. Focusing on solutions integration, we develop solutions for both spheres of life; health & wellness and entertainment and lifestyle communications.


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[jeg_heading title=”Health & Fitness” alt=” Check out the vast list of available equipment”]
[jeg_singleimage size=”12″ zoom=”yes” image=”1111″ title=”Commercial Fitness”][jeg_heading type=”h6″ title=”Commercial Fitness”]
[jeg_singleimage size=”12″ zoom=”yes” image=”1112″ title=”Wellness at Home”][jeg_heading type=”h6″ title=”Wellness at Home”]
[jeg_heading title=”Entertainment & Communication” alt=” Check out the vast list of available equipment”]
[jeg_singleimage size=”12″ zoom=”yes” image=”1120″ title=”Pro Audio”][jeg_heading type=”h6″ title=”Pro Audio”]
[jeg_singleimage size=”12″ zoom=”yes” image=”1121″ title=”HD Cinema”][jeg_heading type=”h6″ title=”HD Cinema”]
[jeg_singleimage size=”12″ zoom=”yes” image=”1122″ title=”Pro Lighting”][jeg_heading type=”h6″ title=”Pro Lighting”]
[jeg_singleimage size=”12″ zoom=”yes” image=”1123″ title=” HD Video Conferencing”][jeg_heading type=”h6″ title=” HD Video Conferencing”]

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